Remodeling works of the children’s playground area in the main park of Chicxulub Puerto

These actions have been carried out with the State Government through in coordination with the Progreso City Hall to offer a safe and fun space for the children.

(Progreso, Yucatan TYT) – Mayor Julián Zacarías Curi took a tour of the main park in Chicxulub Puerto, where remodeling work is being carried out in the children’s playground at the request of the residents.

These works are being carried out by the Urban Development and Public Works Department in coordination with the State Government. They include the removal of damaged bases and elements for new and safe items for the children who enjoy these playgrounds.

 The mayor made a tour where he verified the actions that will be carried out in this park, including improvements such as the dismantling and demolishing of old playground equipment to place platforms and new foundations.

In this regard, the Director of Urban Development and Public Works, Luis Alberto Castro Naal, informed that these actions had been carried out thanks to the State Government through INCCOPY. Synthetic grass, a one-meter-high white fence, and rainwater wells have been added to the playground.

He added that the City Hall, presided by Mayor Julián Zacarías Curi, will install new and resistant games so that children can enjoy them safely, and a handrail will be placed on the bridge module.

The municipal president pointed out this space’s importance for Chicxulub Puerto’s families, as it is a place for healthy recreation where the little ones are taken to live and have fun with other children.

 The mayor indicated that the work will be done quickly and effectively, always taking care of the details so that this town has a worthwhile place to spend a pleasant time.

During the tour, the mayor was accompanied by Antonio Traperos, work supervisor, and Miguel Canul Durán, commissioner of Chicxulub Puerto.


TYT Newsroom