“Noche Blanca” is coming to Merida for the second time this year

Mérida’s 2nd Noche Blanca in 2022

Panucho Fair, horse-drawn carriage rides, and other activities are coming to Merida during the second Noche Blanca to be held in 2022.

Cultura del Ayuntamiento de Mérida’s director, Irving Berlín Villafaña, confirmed that the second Noche Blanca 2022 will take place Saturday, October 22nd.

He also pointed out that this cultural and artistic program will include the return of “La Víspera”, on Friday, October 21, which consists of “new activities, such as the nocturnal bici-ruta and other tours”.

Activities for the second Noche Blanca 2022

The second Noche Blanca of the year will include, among other activities, the Panucho Fair, horse-drawn carriage rides, walks through the Historic Center, as well as the participation of several artists.

This night is known for having activities for the whole family, with free admission.

On October 22nd, painter Enrique Trava, who exhibits at the 1010 Art Gallery in Pasaje Picheta, will have a conversation with Maestro Jorge Cortés.

Maestro Javier Álvarez Fuentes, general director of the Escuela Superior de Artes de Yucatán, commented that the ESAY, which is located in the former railroad station, will participate in the upcoming Noche Blanca.

He stated that there will be an art market, as well as a photographic exhibition by Pim Schalkwijk featuring Mérida’s market workers.

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