No injurires in Tulum road accident

Photo: YAM

After the bus driver dozed off for a few seconds, the vehicle property of a hotel in Tulum, left the road and ended up overturned.

The events were recorded around 04:00 AM on Thursday, September 22nd, when the Municipal Transit agents were notified of the accident.

So when they arrived they realized that two kilometers after lowering the road bridge that leads to the city of Valladolid, the bus was overturned and the driver had suffered severe blows, so the emergency services were notified and paramedics from the Red Cross arrived to provide medical attention, but fortunately, the bus driver did not have to be transferred to the general hospital.

Agents of the National Guard Roads Division also arrived at the scene to take charge of the situation and proceeded to carry out the expert work.

Later, a crane was in charge of pulling the bud so that it could be transferred to the Federal car pound for the corresponding procedures.

It transpired at the scene that the personnel transport bus was heading to the community of Tuzik to pick up hotel workers, but the transport unit never arrived in the aforementioned town.

TYT Newsroom