More Yucatecan beekeepers receive support to improve the quality and production of honey

Photo: Gob. del estado de Yucatan

To continue strengthening beekeeping in Yucatán and support the families that depend on this activity, Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal continues to distribute queen bee specimens to Yucatecan producers so that they can improve the quality and honey production.

On this occasion, about 100 queen bees from this scheme were delivered to beekeepers belonging to the municipalities of Tixkokob, Tekal de Venegas, Tekantó, Peto and Huhí.

Upon receiving her endowment of 25 queen bees, Araceli Guadalupe Balam Ayala from the municipality of Tixkokob, said that obtaining the specimens is one of the most important factors for beekeepers.

In the state there are very few producers dedicated to the production of queen bees, but with the support that the Government gives us, in addition to the ease of obtaining them, it helps us improve our economy because my production is greater and better.

For this reason, I thank Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal because he provides us with these opportunities for improvement for beekeepers, so that we can increase our productivity, said the beekeeper, who has been dedicated to the activity for more than 10 years.

Another beneficiary of this support is Guadalupe Pool Baas, who commented that the program encourages beekeepers not to abandon their hives since one of the factors for which they abandon the activity is the lack of obtaining queen bees.

This program is very good and for that, I thank the governor, for helping the beekeepers, since many of us have left the activity due to the lack of queens or because they are very expensive and that discourages producers in our town of Tixcacal Quintero, municipality of Huhí.

In this regard, the Director of Support for Agricultural Productivity of the Rural Development Secretariat (Seder), Manuel Jesús Suarez Baeza, stated that this program was a great success on the part of Governor Mauricio Vila due to the number of applications received to be part of this project.

This program has generated a great impact on beekeepers due to their great interest in continuing to populate and repopulate their colonies to increase production because they are interested in continuing to populate and grow with this activity, said the state official.

The state official added that Yucatan continues to be a national reference in the production of honey and at an international level, the local sweet is highly appreciated for its consistency, color and texture.

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