Mexico’s Armed Forces will continue with public security tasks until 2028

López Obrador with holders of the Sedena and Semar. Photo: (Government of Mexico)

With the vote of the PRI political party, Morena and allies, the plenary session of the Chamber of Deputies endorsed AMLO’s initiative to keep the members of the Armed Forces carrying out public security tasks until the year 2028.

This reform was approved with 335 votes in favor of the PRI, Morena, PT, and the Green Party; and 152 votes against PAN, PRD, and MC.

The PRI Yolanda de la Torre affirmed that this initiative only seeks to guarantee the security of the country, a speech that was applauded by Alejandro Moreno, national leader of that party.

After the vote, Jesús Zambrano, national leader of the PRD, considered that Alejandro Moreno is hurting not only the PRI but all of Mexico, so he hopes that the party will expel him soon.

The initiative goes to the Senate, where the PRI vote would define the continuity of the Va X México coalition or its end.