Mexican actor Eugenio Derbez reveals details of his state of health

Through a live on his instagram account, Eugenio Derbez told his followers about his current state of health and how he experienced the tragic accident he suffered at the end of last month. 

“I want to thank all the expressions of affection, the truth is I’m very happy for the messages that have reached me,” Derbez told his fans. 

The Mexican comedian also mentioned that due to the severe pain he has been in, he was kept sedated almost day and night for the first two weeks.

During his short speech, he mentioned that the accident he suffered was due to a virtual reality game in which he was competing with his son. 

“What I saw in the game did not coincide with what was in my surroundings, I moved my feet and went to hit some steps; it hit my elbow first, pushing the bone making it come out breaking,” Derbez mentioned about one of the 15 fractures he has.

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