Man resists alleged sexual abuse and is run over by a car in Tekax

Photo: YI

A young man had a broken leg, after a car driver ran him over when the former was struggling with another young man and fell from the motorcycle they were riding.

Rodrigo GC, 25 years old, explained to the Municipal Police that he was returning on a motorcycle from a party in the town of Akil and was going back to his home in Tixméuac, accompanied by a young man from Tekax that he met at the party.

He added that because he was under the influence of alcohol, the companion offered to take him home and he accepted.

However, a few kilometers before reaching Tixméuac, his friend stopped in a stretch and, according to Rodrigo, wanted to sexually abuse him, so he slapped him and they began to struggle.

At one point the motorcyclist fell off the unit; at that moment a vehicle was coming down the road, and hit him.

Rodrigo suffered a fracture in his left leg.

The motorist told the Police that he did not realize that the young man was on the ground because the motorcycle had its lights on.

Rodrigo’s companion fled the scene leaving his motorcycle behind..

The injured man explained to the municipal police officers and his relatives who arrived at the scene how the events happened and clarified that the car driver was not guilty.

The waiver of responsibilities was signed at the scene and the motorist left the site.

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