Judge revoked the definitive suspension of Section 5 North of the Tren Maya

The spokesperson for México’s President, Jesús Ramírez Cuevas, announced through his Twitter account that the first district judge, based in Yucatán, revoked the definitive suspension granted against Section 5 north of the Tren Maya.

There are pending at least two definitive suspensions and complaints against the revocation of the suspensions against Section 5 south of the Mayan Train, such as those filed by associations such as Derecho a un Medio Ambiente Sano (DMAS) through Amparo (injunction) 923/2022.
This last revocation corresponds to Amparo 1137/2022, filed by the Consejo Nacional de Litigio Estratégico, which alleged that the jungle clearing began before the environmental impact permits required for all works in forested areas and near the sea had even been processed.

The Manifestación de Impacto Ambiental for Section 5 north of the Tren Maya was already authorized by the Ministry of Secretaría de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales (Semarnat) for Section 5 north, but the judge revoked the suspension.

Regardless of the amparos and suspensions in force, the federal government has continued with the work on the train since the beginning of August, citing the national security nature of the project so that no legal recourse could stop its progress.

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