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Fumigation activities continue in Merida’s comisarías

by Yucatan Times
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Fumigation and pesticide abatement activities will continue next week in different areas of Mérida.

“With the rainy season, the Ayuntamiento de Mérida is reinforcing actions to prevent the proliferation of mosquitoes through fumigation and pesticide abatement operations that are being carried out in the four cardinal points of the municipality”, informed Mayor Renan Barrera Concha.

Among the actions being developed, the mayor explained that the Ayuntamiento de Mérida is working alongside the Yucatán State Health Secretariat (SSY), to take joint actions to reduce the presence of mosquitoes in the municipality, therefore, the fumigation campaigns will be reinforced and intensified, which began in the second week of September.

“With the continuous rains that came with September, the SSY worked in several campaigns of pesticide abatement and fumigation in Mérida, using vehicles equipped with fumigation machines to go through the neighborhoods and rural communities to reduce the proliferation of the mosquito”, he said.

He pointed out that during this first stage, the following neighborhoods of Mérida were covered: San Antonio Kaua, Miraflores, Morelos Oriente, Vicente Solis, as well as the communities of Hunxectaman, Tahdzibichen, Susula, Chalmuch, Tixcacal, Opichen, and Caucel.

He also emphasized that the neighborhoods of Villa Magna, Paseos de Opichén, Tixcacal Opichén, Centro, and the areas surrounding the parks of San Cristóbal and Mejorada will also be fumigated.

It must be noticed that the municipality intervenes in the fumigation of Merida’s neighborhoods according to the requirements of the SSY to help them in these actions, especially to expand the range and address this issue more quickly with the addition of municipal units.

The director of Salud y Bienestar Social, Dr. Ildefonso Machado Domínguez, explained that the fumigation campaigns also work in parks and public spaces to reduce mosquito outbreaks in the municipality.

“During rainy season these campaigns are intensified, for which we use the vehicles with the fumigation equipment to follow the indications of the SSY, where they tell us that there are outbreaks, where there are red spots or a lot of mosquitoes, we reinforce the actions that are done, it is a teamwork to keep all this under control,” Machado Domínguez concluded.

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