Ecological Police rescue hatchling turtles on the beaches of Progreso

Photo: SIPSE

Ecological Police of Progreso continues to carry out important tasks in relation to the protection of sea turtles off the coast of Progreso and its police stations.

PROGRESO, YUCATAN.- With the last rescue of 31 newborn turtles found on the beaches of Progreso, during the patrols of its elements, the Ecological Police of the port, has become a core part of the 2022 Turtle Nesting Season, where its support work Cetmar 17 has generated even more prominence than the educational body itself, due to the enormous effort of the police elements and their commanders, to attend to each and every one of the reports on the subject.

the head of the Ecological Police, Obdulio Mena Sánchez, indicated that the surveillance work of the unit under his charge is 24 hours a day, every day of the week, relating to various issues, so that the elements through extensive effort manages to address the largest number of citizen reports in relation to ecological issues, while specifically in the case of turtles about 90% of the reports are made during the course between the night and the next morning, having a range of 100% attention in these cases.