Can you tell the difference between Salbutes and Panuchos?

Panuchos (Photo: Google)

Have you ever tasted one of the most traditional Yucatecan dishes, salbute, and panucho, and got the wrong one? Do not worry, we’ve all been there!

Mexican cuisine is a huge flavor universe in which its tastes will drive you crazy on your first bite.

Our gastronomy is so big, that you may feel confused about some of its dishes.

We are going to talk about salbutes and panuchos, some of the most representative Yucatecan gastronomic delicacies that may be mistaken on several occasions.

This dynamic duo was created in Yucatán. They are both served with shredded chicken, pork, or turkey meat. They are always prepared with the traditional red onion, tomato, and of course habanero sauce.

Here’s the difference between them, it’s all about the beans and the tortilla!

Salbutes (File photo)

While the salbute is fried at the time of making the dough, the panucho is previously cooked to be filled with beans and then fried in very hot oil.

So, there you go!

You won’t ever get them confused again. Try these tasty dishes along with a delicious Sopa the Lima (lime soup) or a Caldo de Pavo (Turkey Broth), with shredded chicken, pork, or turkey.

Bon appetite!

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