Burglary unstoppable in Ticul, Yucatán

Photo: yucatan.com.mx

Burglars trespassed into the property located on Calle 10 x 37 and 39 in the neighborhood of San Sebastián, Ticul, Yucatan, where they stole items of value as well as cash.

The events, according to the victim Isabel Ramírez, would have occurred around three in the morning.

The burglars would have taken $14,000 pesos in cash as well as electrical appliances, including a television. When the neighbors saw what was happening, they notified 911 and municipal agents arrived at the scene.

When they saw the police, they tried to flee, and two out of three were apprehended. One of them managed to escape.

Ticul residents request greater police surveillance in the area, as acts of home burglary are recurrent. In recent days, a resident filed a complaint after the theft of her sewing machines. After an investigation, she found the person responsible, but she only recovered one of her sewing machines. Days later the alleged thief was released and back on the streets of Ticul.

The victim of the recent burglary went to file her complaint, however, they told her to come back later because they did not have electricity. The crime scene was cordoned off pending PEI personnel for the corresponding investigations.

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