Autumn Equinox coming to Chichen Itza on Sep 22

Summer is about to end in Yucatan and in a few days, the season will change to autumn, so the midday sun will begin to be lower and the nights will begin to get longer

When is the autumnal equinox?

In Yucatán, El Castillo de Chichén Itzá will once again mark the change of season when the phenomenon of light and shadow will be seen, since the autumnal equinox will arrive next Thursday, September 22. . 

The word equinox comes from Latin and means “equal night”, which refers to the day and night of approximately 12 hours each and that occurs only on the two equinoxes of the year. 

What happens during an equinox?

The equinoxes occur twice a year and are times when day and night are of equal length. All planets in the solar system experience equinoxes. This phenomenon takes place when the sun is exactly on the equator of a planet. 

Throughout history, various cultures around the world have celebrated dates that represented a change of season. 

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