Home Feature “Xok Bi Chuy or Punto de Cruz,” the Yucatecan embroidery

“Xok Bi Chuy or Punto de Cruz,” the Yucatecan embroidery

by Yucatan Times


(Mérida – TYT) – Distinguished by their vibrant colors and designs, embroidery is mostly made of flowers arranged in a very special way. Although there are different techniques, today we will discuss the most representative one: The famous “Punto de Cruz.”

Also known as “Xok Bi Chuy,” Punto de Cruz” is a type of embroidery mostly known for its cross-shape stitches. Using this technique, you can create shapes, letters, patterns, or drawings, regularly created with cotton and mouliné threads on fabrics such as linen, Panamá, and Aida, mostly used for beginners.

The handmade process to achieve a small figure can take a week to a month, spending several hours creating the design. Can you imagine how long it takes to embroider a terno? According to artisans, it usually takes from 3 to 6 months!

This traditional embroidery has been passed through generations and has also been modernized. However, the punto de cruz is not exclusive to clothing. It has now been seen on various accessories such as bags, and home decorations, among others.

Photo: Facebook – Venta de Gorras de hilo contado

So now, whenever you see something decorated with punto de cruz, remember that each stitch tells the story of a Yucatecan artisan family who has preserved the tradition and brought it to Yucatán and all of México.


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Duck Life November 14, 2022 - 1:03 am

The meticulously embroidered picture and the gentle color combination of pink are so poetic

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