Yucatan Police Corporations could be a role model for the rest of the country

Extending the times for the militarization of the country’s public security was the easiest way, but the best strategy to apply is to modernize and train the Civil Police for the benefit of citizens,” said the president of the Business Coordinating Council (CCE) and from Canacintra , Jorge Charruf Cáceres. 

He asserted that a model like the one Yucatan has in terms of security could work at the national level and get the Army off the streets. 

“The fact that they have extended the participation of the Army in the actions of caring for the society for more years seems to be the easy way out when what they should have implemented is a strategy that seeks to strengthen the municipal, state or local and regional police institutions.,” he said. 

Agent Incentive

The also leader of the National Chamber of the Transformation Industry (Canacintra) considered that the Federal Government should strengthen civil institutions, and pay close attention to state and regional police, with better salaries, benefits, and training. 

“The federal strategy should strengthen civil institutions, give better benefits to police officers, give them better salaries as well, provide civil security institutions with technology, training, and in the state of Yucatan, we cannot deny that it gives results,” he said. 

Charruf Cáceres considered that a public security model like the one in Yucatan could give excellent results at the national level, where each police agent receives training, decent salaries, and benefits such as Infonavit to provide them with housing. 

“We cannot deny that the Yucatan model has given very good results. It is irrefutable proof that, if you give the State Police better salaries, incentives, benefits, social security, technology, and training, the results are visible, ”he concluded.

The Yucatan Times