Yucatan receives a valuable collection of art and pre-Hispanic pieces from Álvar Carrillo Gil

Photo: SIPSE

The exhibition of recovered pieces is open to the public in the ‘Palacio Cantón’ Museum

MÉRIDA, YUCATAN.- Yucatán received the “Álvar and Carmen Tejero de Carrillo Gil” collection, made up of 321 pre-Hispanic and artisanal pieces, which will form part of the collections of the “Palacio Cantón” Regional Museum of Anthropology.

The collection was located in the Carrillo Gil Tejeda house, in Mexico City, but in 2012, the family’s grandson, Armando Sáenz Carrillo, moved them to the city of Mérida and updated their registration with the INAH.

After 10 years, the INAH Yucatán formally received the collection, and on Friday the delivery reception was held at the Palacio Cantón Museum, thanks to the efforts of Gabriela Sáenz Carrillo, granddaughter of Alvar and Carmen Tejero de Carrillo Gil.

Part of the collection was exhibited at some point in the Palace of Fine Arts, and most of the goods come from states of the Yucatan Peninsula, Veracruz, Tabasco, and central Mexico; some are archaeological pieces and others are handcrafted pieces of great aesthetic value.

Photo: SIPSE

Yucatecans will be able to admire 153 pieces in the collection

To frame this act, the exhibition “Art, passion and collecting. A social proposal”, which will be a temporary exhibition of 153 pieces to exhibit part of the recovered heritage.

The exhibition will be open to the public until the end of October at the Palacio Cantón Regional Museum of Anthropology, located at Paseo de Montejo 485.