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“Yucatán in Durango” with a fantastic turnover

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Between Thursday and Friday, 15 thousand visitors and positive numbers in sales of food, honey, horchata, jewelry, sauces, and condiments, among others.

Durango City, Durango, August 20, 2022.- With positive sales figures and an influx of 15 thousand visitors, the third commercial, gastronomic and cultural exhibition, “Yucatan Expone,” was inaugurated by Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal in Plaza IV last Thursday Centenario in the capital of Durango. 

In the activity organized by the Ministry of Economic Development and Labor (Sefoet), the people of Durango have consumed large amounts of Yucatecan food such as cochinita, suckling pig, tamales, panuchos, empanadas, longaniza de Valladolid, and many liters of pitahaya, chaya, lime, and horchata water.

“Yucatan Expone” in Durango Photo: SEFOET Yucatan

In the exhibition, there are 50 micros, small and medium-sized companies from 12 municipalities in the state that is participating with a wide range of products made in Yucatan and have found great acceptance in the development of these commercial days, which culminate this Sunday.

During the first two days, Real de Falconi sold 75 percent of its total inventory, an estimated 460 pieces, such as unsweetened table chocolate, oatmeal with cocoa, and cocoa powder, among others, as well as 200 glasses of horchata of the same bean.

In the same period, Krisma sold around 100 500-milliliter (ml) bottles of honey, 150 candies, and 50 125-ml bottles of propolis syrup, while Guayaberas Narváez reported the sale of 90 garments, including guayaberas and embroidered blouses.

“Yucatan Expone” in Durango Photo: SEFOET Yucatan

Horchata Itzamatul sold 312 handcrafted pieces of this beverage’s traditional and coconut flavor, representing a little more than half of its inventory and an income of 25 thousand pesos, with which they already have recovered the investment in their stand at the four-day event.

It is also the case of Semilla de Dioses, which has exceeded 20 thousand pesos in sales, thanks to the visitors, who have purchased 70 packages of achiote paste and 50 tamarind syrup, the same amount of marzipan candies, and about 100 peanuts “palanquetas.”

Between Thursday and Friday, 300 bottles of Doña Margot rompope -eggnog- of different flavors were sold. The walnut was the favorite of the Durango public; this quantity represents more than 60 percent of the inventory considered by the firm for this occasion, which concludes this Sunday, 21 2022.

“Yucatan Expone” in Durango Photo: SEFOET Yucatan

Another product that has been exceptionally well received is the habanero sauce; in this regard, La Mestiza reported the placement of 9000 bottles of oil of this chili in the three levels of spiciness they have in stock.

Jewelry had very high acceptance among the Durango public; this is the case of Ramalemima, which reports sales of 12 exclusive filigree pieces, while Creaciones Hilda has sold more than a thousand items.

The Ministry of Culture and the Arts (Sedeculta) coordinated, within this framework, an exhibition of music and dances, in charge of 25 artists from the Orquesta Jaranera del Mayab, the Ballet Folklórico “Alfredo Cortés Aguilar” and the regional theater artists, Octavio Ayil and Alicia García “Xpet.”

Each day, two shows are presented: one is “Sones y jarabes antiguos” and “La vaquería, fiesta en honor a Cristo Rey”; the second is entitled “Pasión y ritmo de mi tierra”, with 17 jaranas performed by the Ballet, whose artistic coordinator is Joaquín Guzmán Cárdenas. The orchestra performs under the direction of trumpeter Carlos Ildefonso Uc Tepal.

“Yucatan Expone” in Durango Photo: SEFOET Yucatan

At the end of each presentation, the groups make the public of Durango dance “Las Mujeres Que Se Pintan” (The women who paint themselves), offering a complete picture that shows what is experienced in the traditional festivities of the municipalities of Yucatán.

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