“Yucatan Expone” receives 25,000 visitors in the northern state of Durango

Durango, Mexico, (August 22, 2022).- With positive figures in sales and an influx of more than 25 thousand visitors, at the close of this Saturday, August 20th, the third commercial, gastronomic and cultural exhibition Yucatán Expone received 25,000 visitors.

Until noon on Saturday, in the activity organized by the Ministry of Economic Development and Labor (Sefoet), Duranguenses ate 300 kilograms of cochinita, 150 of Lechón, 500 tamales, the same number of panuchos, 350 chaya empanadas, 100 orders of longaniza from Valladolid, and 500 liters of pitahaya, chaya, lime and horchata beverages.

It should be remembered that there are 50 micros, small and medium-sized companies, from 12 municipalities of the state participating with a wide range of products made in Yucatan and have found great acceptance in the development of these commercial sessions, which culminated on Sunday, August 21st.

TYT Newsroom