Woman tries to commit suicide after being sexually abused in Merida

The video of a woman trying to climb the metal fence of a bridge in the Mérida Peripheral Ring went viral on social networks, presumably with the intention of jumping into the void.

The events occurred on the exit bridge to Tetiz, on Merida’s Periferico and near the exit to Ciudad Caucel, where a woman intended to jump from the bridge.

Fortunately, passing drivers stopped immediately upon seeing her, got out of their vehicles, and one of them was able to hold her down, and prevented a tragedy.

It is known that the woman between sobs told one of her rescuers “I don’t want to live because I was sexually abused.”

Agents from the Ministry of Public Security arrived at the place, who helped to rescue her and then they moved her to a safer place.

So far the woman’s health status is still unknown.

TYT Newsroom