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With the purpose of organizing attractive activities for the promotion of tourism in the Pearl of the Orient, the Association of Restaurants of Valladolid ARVAY, had a meeting with the chef of Valladolid origin, although born in Tabasco, Fabián Romero Ávila.

In 2018, the renowned gastronomic promoter Fabián Romero coordinated the efforts to prepare the largest tamale in the world, as recorded in the Guinness Records, so, based on this achievement, he shared his knowledge and experience with members of ARVAY.

The chipilín-style tamale was cooked in a joint effort by students from Conalep who participated, as well as from various gastronomy schools. The traditional dish reached a length of just over 50 meters and was exhibited in the Historic Center of Villahermosa, Tabasco.

For its preparation, 350 kilos of dough, 100 kilos of pork, 35 kilos of chipilín, 25 kilos of sweet chili, and 15 kilos of coriander were required, adding an investment of about 1.1 million pesos. More than 4 thousand diners enjoyed the giant tamale.

In this way, ARVAY members open the door to the exploration of new activities that promote gastronomic tourism in the Pearl of the Orient, while positioning the dishes of Valladolid cuisine.

During the meeting between members of the civil association and Fabián Romero, the chef himself, stated: “I am convinced that Valladolid can also aspire to obtain a Guinness Record if there is the will to work as a team and get down to work. We hope that very soon they will decide to undertake this objective”.

In this regard, the president of the group of restaurateurs, Jordy Abraham Martínez, stated: “we seek to place Valladolid as a point of attention at the national and international levels, so it is always useful to join alliances for eventual projects, with characters such as Chef Fabian Romero”.

The meeting between members of ARVAY and Chef Fabián Romero Ávila took place at the “Gabby & Charlies” restaurant, which was also the scene of a gastronomic tasting by the prestigious chef not too long ago.

In the near future, the Valladolid Restaurant Association ARVAY will announce more activities to promote tourism and gastronomy.

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