Unprecedented, a man is sentenced to ten years in jail for the killing of two dogs in Queretaro

Photo: YAM

This Tuesday, August 23, Benjamín “N”, guilty of the death of two dogs named Athos and Tango, was sentenced to 10 years and six months in prison and a fine of 2.3 million pesos in reparation for damages, after a historic trial.

(QUERETARO, MEXICO).- Judge Alicia Basurto ruled a penalty of 2.1 million pesos for Athos and 223,548 pesos for Tango, in addition to 12,600 pesos for veterinary expenses, more than 17,000 pesos for psychological damages, and 50,000 pesos for moral damages.

Athos was a border collie specialist in search and rescue, and participated in work after the 2017 earthquake in Mexico City, while Tango was a Yorkie member of the Red Cross and was a loin of emotional support.

This trial, the first of its kind in Mexico, was held on August 16, 17, 18, and 19 in the Criminal Orality Courts of the Mexican state of Querétaro.

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