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The federal government starts construction of the new Yucatan thermoelectric plant

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The construction of the thermoelectric plant, announced by the federal government on several occasions, has already begun with the leveling of the land, in a plot located in the back of the old “Felipe Carrillo Puerto”, also known as Central Valladolid plant.

More than 50 people who were hired for the work of leveling the surface work on the site.

On several visits made by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the construction of a new thermoelectric plant in this city was announced, to produce enough energy for the Maya Train project.

Construction work on the Maya Train would conclude at the end of 2023.

The railway will be powered by electricity, for which it was necessary to build a new thermoelectric plant.

The work was scheduled to start last year, but it was delayed due to unknown reasons.

Now, a company, whose name is unknown, is in charge of leveling the land behind the “Felipe Carrillo Puerto” plant.

From the outside you can’t see anything; in fact, the newly hired employees are entering through the front door of the Felipe Carrillo Puerto plant to go inside.

In September, the leveling of the land will be ready so that López Obrador can come to this city to lay the first stone of what will be the new thermoelectric plant.

According to local witnesses, officials from the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) have constantly arrived by helicopter at the scene.

Although a few days ago, due to weather conditions and the lack of a suitable area, the aircraft could not go down and rose again, according to some witnesses.

The “Felipe Carrillo Puerto” thermoelectric plant has been operating in this city for almost 30 years.

Years later, the second private one was built, that is, it sells energy to the CFE and is operated by just 50 people because the operation is more systematized.

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