Senior citizen reported missing was found dead in Texan de Palomeque, Yucatán

Texan de Palomeque, Yuc. (Photo: Sipse)

A senior citizen reported missing was found dead on a construction site at noon on Wednesday, August.

Texán, Yucatán (August 11, 2022).- The sad event occurred at the Texán de Palomeque Hacienda in Hunucmá, where the body of a lifeless septuagenarian was found inside a construction site.

Relatives mentioned to the authority that on Monday, August 8th, he left his house and his family did not know anything about the whereabouts of the elderly man identified as Octavio Ek Chuc.

The now deceased was a regular drinker and was in depression due to the recent death of his wife.

The place was secured by police while personnel from the State Attorney General’s Office took charge of the legal proceedings.

The Yucatan Times



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