S.O.S Earth Summit to be held in Merida on September

SOS Earth Summit will be held on September 22 and 23 at the “Yucatán Siglo XXI” Convention and Exhibition Center.

From Mérida, a call will be made to the world to urgently curb the environmental threat that the planet is suffering and one of its repercussions is climate change.

The Yucatecan capital will host the “S.O.S. Earth Summit”, in which representatives of institutions, specialists, and personalities committed to caring for the environment and sustainable development will meet.

“The event will be held on September 22 and 23 at the “Yucatán Siglo XXI” Convention and Exhibition Center”, said Ernesto Kuri González, president of the Cosmo Maya Organization, which coordinates the summit together with the S.O.S. Land.

He indicated that comprehensive actions will be designed at the meeting to create an agenda of events and activities that permeate society.

“In mid-2022 we are in a historical cycle full of opportunities for humanity. The pandemic accommodated time to give Earth a little respite. As more cities around the world went into lockdown, social media images abounded of wild animals venturing into uninhabited urban spaces,” he noted.

He added that “in Mérida, they spotted a toucan resting on some cables in the streets of Francisco de Montejo; in San Francisco, California, wild turkeys entered a school; In Barcelona, ​​Spain, wild boars roamed the uninhabited streets of the city center in search of food, and like these events, thousands have been recorded around the world.

For the specialist, these examples are a warning from nature wanting to recover the space that we have stolen from it.

“It is clear that we must understand our role as a species. In addition to cooperation between humanity, we must respect the habitat of other living beings on the planet; understand that we must interact and coexist with respect and harmony, which will be a challenge that we will face day by day”.

Kuri González commented that the above are the pillars of the summit, hoping to contribute one more grain of sand for a better planet, for this and future generations.

“It is intended to be a model and example at the global level, to show that when the wills and actions of society are aligned, the ends are achieved,” he concluded.

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