Red tide located in front of the Yucatan coast

The red tide is found between the ports of San Crisanto and Progreso, reported the Interinstitutional Red Tide Surveillance Committee in Yucatan.

From San Crisanto to Progreso there is a 51.2-kilometer long strip along the coastal road, passing through Telchac Puerto, Xtampú, San Benito, Uaymitún, and Chicxulub.

Samples of the red tide were collected in San Crisanto, Telchac Puerto, San Benito, Uaymitún, Chicxulub, and Progreso to identify the species of microalgae that flourish and the results determined that these are not poisonous, but they do deplete oxygen from the sea.

The temperature and salinity are measured because these factors are decisive for the growth of these microalgae, as well as oxygen, as it generates an environment with anoxia.

The stain covers 16.3 kilometers of coastline, has a tendency to accumulate in the beach area and a number of fish are observed floating in the sea.

“The densest concentration of the red tide covers the coastal area of the municipalities of Dzemul, Ixil, and Progreso, all the way down to the Chicxulub pier,” the statement said.

The Yucatan Times