Red Tide affecting tourism in Progreso and other ports

Photo: SIPSE

The president of the local delegation of the National Chamber of Small-scale Commerce (CANACOPE), Jorge Cardeña Licona, declared that the small merchants established in the main ports of the State such as Progreso, Chelem, Chicxulub Puerto, Chuburná Puerto and Telchac Puerto are going through a very difficult time due to low sales, caused by the presence of the red tide.

He said that the merchants of those ports are beginning to feel the effects of the red tide because tourism no longer goes to those ports, sales drop considerably, and the natural phenomenon is spreading to other coasts of the State.

He clarified that before the presence of this natural phenomenon, when the summer vacations began in mid-July, the merchants of the main ports reported good sales, especially on weekends when more families go to Progreso, Chelem, Chicxulub Puerto , Chuburná Puerto and Telchac Puerto, even the first week of August there was a good influx of visitors and economic benefits for small businesses.

He stressed that unfortunately, everything has collapsed due to the effects of the red tide, and people do not want to go to the beaches where fish, octopus, lobster, mantaray, and other dead species are arriving due to the natural phenomenon, while they are rotting.

It is forbidden to go in the water in all these ports and to catch the species that are on the shore of the beach.

Finally, Cardeña Licona indicated that just as coastal fishermen have stopped capturing octopus and other species due to the red tide, small merchants are already reporting low sales due to the decrease in visitors, this natural phenomenon appeared at a bad time, it seems that is not going to die out any time soon while the summer holidays this August have collapsed.

The Yucatan Times



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