President of the DIF Conkal, Julia Díaz del Castillo Canché resigns three days after fatal accident

Photo: La Verdad Noticias

After three days of the accident, the president of the DIF of Conkal, Julia Díaz del Castillo Canché, decided to resign her position, since she assures that she does not want that the accident could harm the City Council that her sister presides over.

“I am very sad about the events that occurred; in particular for the injured people and for Don Efraín who lost his life… », is part of the statement released by the president of the Municipal DIF of Conkal, Julia Díaz del Castillo Canché, to announce her resignation.

In the document, which is signed by the now former official, she said that her reasons are of a personal nature, after being involved in a traffic accident that had serious human and material consequences.

«Currently, I am at the disposal of the State Prosecutor’s Office, which is carrying out its investigative work. From the beginning I have collaborated with the competent authorities and it is false that I have tried to flee », she stated.

One of the reasons why he decided to leave office, he said, is because the accident was personal, and he does not want it to be used to affect the work of the City Council, which, by the way, is headed by his sister, or of any public servant, “because they have absolutely nothing to do with it”.

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