“Pig Beach” is receiving one thousand people a day

Pig Beach (Photo: YAI)

The Progreso City Council chaired by Mayor Julián Zacarías Curi, through the Ecological Police Unit, reports that one year after the opening of the tourist attraction known as “Pig Beach”, the constant maintenance of the facilities, and the good care of the animals have allowed not only the animals to grow in favorable conditions, but it has also become a space of interest and recreation for thousands of families.

That is why the first mayor, accompanied by the municipal officials Claudette Gamboa Rassam and Karim Dib López made a tour to analyze the possibilities for this place to be more attractive, spacious, and above all, kind to nature and to animals.

Since its opening a year ago, on August 15, 2021, “Pig Beach” has been widely accepted by local and national tourism, and being widely visited, however, it has been in this summer season where the attendance numbers have reached a figure of more than one thousand people per day.

This reflects the wide interest that this space has, in addition to the extensive care and great love that is given to the pigs every day.

It all began when eight little pigs were rescued in July 2021 along with her mother in a vacant lot, where she unfortunately died and the small animals began to be cared for by the agents of the Ecological Police.

Subsequently, the recovery of the entrance to the beach that would become their home was carried out, which was an irregular garbage deposit, where a total of seven waste dump trucks were removed, to later carry out a deeper cleaning in the area, leaving the site in adequate conditions for its use, and which has even been certified as free of cigarette butts by the relevant health authorities.

Finally, the place was given a new look, first with the construction of a pen for the pigs, spaces for the caretakers, a souvenir shop, lounge chairs, and umbrellas, making the space a safe place for the animals and more attractive for visitors.

The Yucatan Times



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