According to the testimony of local fishermen, new areas of red tide were detected to the east of the Yucatan coast, mainly in the areas of Holbox and the Yalkubul lighthouse, while the rise of the price of some mollusks such as the octopus continues due to the scarcity generated by the red tide phenomenon.

According to the fishermen, the patch of red tide is advancing to the west and could affect the coast of Dzilam and Telchac.

If it is confirmed that it is another red tide, the inactivity of the fishermen would be prolonged, who only worked a few days this August due to the red tide that extends from Telchac to Chuburná.

At the moment, there is no record of dead fish washing up on the state’s beaches, as occurred earlier this month, but octopus fishing has not yet resumed.

Meanwhile, in less than a month, the price of a kilo of octopus rose 100 percent, from 75 pesos at the beginning of the season to 150 pesos on Monday, August 29th, and it has a tendency to increase.

The increase is attributed to the low catch obtained by the boats of the larger fleet and to the fact that most of the local fishermen are inactive due to the fact that the octopus moved away from the coast due to the red tide.

The Yucatan Times