Man uses a hammock to hang himself in Tinum, Yucatan

A 30-year-old man identified as J.I.H.N. decided to end his life by hanging himself with his hammock.

The incident occurred at about 1 in the morning, at his home located on Calle 19 (between 16 and 18), in the municipality of Tinum, where the deceased today was alone since his wife was working in another town.

It was stated that the wife of J.I.H.N. called him on the phone on several occasions and since the man did not answer, she asked some relatives to go see him.

Upon arriving at the house they began to knock on the door and, having no answer, decided to enter the house, so they found the unpleasant scene.

After the discovery, they gave immediate notice to the authorities, arriving at the site agents of the Municipal Police and the Secretary of Public Security (SSP).

The experts from the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) appeared to collect data, and finally, the Semefo was in charge of lifting the body.

TYT Newsroom