Dutch tourists involved in road accident on the Tetiz-Hunucmá road

Photo: YAI

A couple of Dutch tourists who were on their way from Mérida to Sisal got lost in the municipality of Tetiz and involved in a road accident.

The accident occurred around noon on Sunday, August 6th, when Leslie Donovan Terrence, 30 years old and originally from the Netherlands, was driving a Kía Río compact car, heading to the port of Sisal.

However, she got lost and ended up going towards Tetiz, so the tourists decided to stop when they realized that they were stranded.

When wanting to return along the Tetiz-Hunucmá road, at one point he ended up pinching the edge of the pavement, in his maneuver to join the road, he invaded the opposite lane, and crashed against a Voyager mini-van driven by Javier Canché Chim, 37 years old, who was on his way to Hunucmá with his family.

The mini-van hit the right side of the compact car it ended up in the undergrowth on top of a pile of rocks.

Fortunately, there were no injuries and the insurance company will cover the expenses.

Agents of the Municipal Police and the Secretary of Public Security, flagged the area to avoid another mishap.

A translator had to be requested in order to explain the European tourists that the car insurance was going to pay all expenses.

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