Couple arrested for drug dealing in Kanasín, Yucatan

State and federal authorities searched a property in the Los Arcos subdivision, in Kanasín, arresting two people in addition to securing marijuana that was bagged and ready for sale.

Two minors, children of the detained couple remained in the custody of the authorities.

After the citizen complained about the crime of drug dealing, agents of the State Investigation Police (PEI) of the Ministry of Public Security (SSP), and the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE), carried out the corresponding inquiries.

After obtaining the search warrant from a Control Judge, the search proceeded on this day, exactly in a house on 6th Street of the aforementioned subdivision in the neighboring city.

State authorities, in coordination with the Army, Navy and National Guard, found and seized marijuana and proceeded with the arrest of Francisco V. A. alias “Barrabás”, 49 years old, and Leydi Beatriz C. C., 38 years old.

In addition, a 14-year-old boy and a 9-year-old girl, children of the couple, were placed under the custody of personnel from the Specialized Unit for the Prevention of Family and Gender Violence (Uniprev) and after temporary custody they were taken with their grandmother Mrs. J.A.A.P., 67 years old.

TYT Newsroom