Are Cheetos made of plastic?

Cheetos have been a very popular cheese snack in Mexico for many decades.

However, a social media user questioned the manufacture of this product, when his son compared them to small pieces of polystyrene that are used as protection for shipping in boxes and these are the results he obtained.

YouTube user Andrés Juárez Ramos shared a video where he analyzes the composition of the famous Cheetos, comparing them in smell, taste, and sound that the polystyrene pieces make when crumble. The comparison was made between a Cheeto and one of these pieces that he found inside a box that he ordered online.

The idea of ​​experiencing the taste of both products arose when he was alerted by his son, who assured him that the characteristics were very similar, almost identical.

Andrés Juárez performs several tests on Cheetos and a piece of polystyrene, verifying that they are identical in texture, taste, and smell, to later moisten both with hot sauce, demonstrating that both have exactly the same reaction when in contact with the substance.

Finally, the most surprising thing is that both polystyrene and a Cheeto have exactly the same combustion process.

The YouTuber points out that people can be offered polystyrene instead of Cheetos while in a bar, and after a couple of drinks, people would not be able to tell the difference.

It is worth mentioning that it is not scientifically proven that Cheetos are made with materials that are harmful to the health of the consumer and they continue to be one of the most consumed snacks in Mexico.

The Yucatan Times



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