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A man states that Valladolid police officers cut off his hand for stealing

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A Specialized Unit that investigates cases of torture part of the State Attorney General’s Office, is investigating the case of an alleged thief who had a limb severed so that he would not commit that crime again. The victim stated that agents of the Municipal Police of Valladolid cut off his arm.

In this matter, the FGE did not comment and has remained absolutely silent, although it has been questioned by local media.

Manuel “N”, 38 years old, is an incident criminal who has been arrested in both Valladolid and Chemax for stealing household appliances.

On January 12, 2020, at approximately 2:50 a.m., on Calle 34 between 25 and 27 in the Fernando Novelo neighborhood of Valladolid, the suspect was caught stealing, he resisted the arrest and attacked police officers.

Manuel attacked with a knife and threatened agents Luis C.M., Clemente Antonio G., and Susy Yarely Ch.N. when they were on surveillance duty, So he had a history.

The first version said that the thief was attacked by civilians, but these sayings are being discarded and the investigations go against the Police of the Sultana del Oriente.

Man caught stealing

The unofficial version says that on August 16, Manuel was discovered stealing from a house in Valladolid, for which he was arrested by the Municipal Police officers, who, tired of the fact that they always arrest him and then he was released, the uniformed decided to teach him a lesson.

Manuel said that the agents had already warned him that they would cut off his hand if he was arrested again, so when they put him in a police van and took him to a dirt road between Valladolid and Chemax.

In that place, they amputated his right hand, so when they saw what they had done, they abandoned him bleeding, with the amputated limb aside.

Since the road where they left him leads to the Chulután, he was discovered by a person who believed he was dead. However, seeing that he was alive, he informed the Chemax Municipal Police.

When the police arrived and saw the conditions in which the man, they asked for support from the Red Cross, whose paramedics transferred him to the Regional Hospital of Valladolid, where he was stabilized.

Once recovered, Manuel “N” reported that his hand was cut off by agents of the Valladolid Police.

Given this accusation, the agents are being investigated for their probable responsibility.

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