A boat explosion in Yucalpeten leaves one dead and two injured

(Photo: YI)

An explosion and a fire occurred on Monday, August 1st, during the repair work on a ship in the port of Yucalpetén.

It was around noon when the incident occurred on the fishing boat “Leidy Godiva” owned by businessman Saúl Madera in the Mario Uc dry dock, located in the Puerto de Abrigo de Yucalpetén.

The fire came from the engine room
It was found out that routine work was being done to drain the ship when someone perceived a strange smell from the engine room, where the pump was located.

Then came the explosion followed by a fire that advanced very quickly.

Unfortunately, in the machine room where the explosion occurred, there were three workers, one of whom, identified as “Pixtó”, died immediately, while another known as “Vampiro” suffered serious burns, and one more had only minor injuries.

People who were nearby tried to help as much as they could while alerting security forces and firefighters, who managed to extinguish the flames.

The boat ended up sinking while the two surviving wounded were transferred by ambulance to receive immediate medical attention.

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