4 out of every 100 young people do not have a job in Yucatan

Photo: SIPSE

According to figures provided by Irais Barón, director of the National Employment Service in Yucatan, there is an estimate of unemployment in the state, and he spoke mainly of young people, on the occasion of youth month.

She assured us that Yucatan is the state with the second lowest unemployment rate nationwide since the number of unemployed youth is just over 4 percent.

“In Yucatan, we have an unemployment rate of 4.25%, we are below the national average, and in general the unemployment rate in the state of Yucatan is 1.18, which is below the national average as well,” Irais Barón said.

She stressed that the national employment service has a large number of offers for those interested, mainly in commerce, industry and services.

“The job opportunities that we will be offering are from the commerce, industry and service sectors, but obviously those that always demand more are commerce and service”

One of the biggest problems of employability in Yucatan is staff turnover, for which she spoke of the reasons that lead to this.

“Personnel turnover does not focus on a general age, or is it something generational, it is a totally generalized issue the main causes are lack of benefits, low salaries, mistreatment, etc,” she said.

The director of the National Employment Service in Yucatan concluded saying that the economic development secretariat is looking for new investments, in order to have better paid jobs with all the benefits by law.

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