28-year-old American citizen suddenly dies in a Mérida shopping center

Photo: SIPSE

An intense mobilization of security personnel and paramedics was recorded in a shopping center in the east side of Merida, due to the sudden death of a person who was apparently of foreign origin.

On Sunday, August 7th, the authorities reported that a person, apparently a foreigner, who lost his life inside a shopping center located in the east side of the city.

According to witnesses he suddenly vanished.

A foreigner died on Sunday, August 7th, inside the commercial plaza “El Patio” (formerly known as “Plaza Sendero”). The young man suddenly vanished while he was inside the premises.

According to witnesses at the scene, the 28-year-old American citizen was sitting on a table at the place called “Tacos City Café”, when he suddenly fainted and began to convulse.

As it was found out, the individual was in a cafe inside the shopping plaza, and then, according to witnesses, the man suddenly began to feel bad and in an instant he just vanished and fell on the floor. The employees of the place immediately notified the Emergency number 911.

After the corresponding inquiries, the officers of the SSP allowed personnel from the Forensic Medical Service (Semefo) to take charge of lifting the body for the rigorous autopsy and determining the cause of death.

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