Yucatecan brand denounces the Shein platform for plagiarizing one of its designs

Photo: https://es-la.facebook.com/yucachulas/

Yucachulas is an Artisan Fashion brand with Mexican Design and all its products are 100% created and made in Yucatan

Yucachulas claims that the platform plagiarized one of their designs, which they created in 2017 in collaboration with México a Colores.

The plagiarism of textile designs, artistic and cultural expressions of the Mexican indigenous peoples has been a constant in the world of fashion, a crime that has been denounced countless times.

On this occasion, it is the Yucachulas brand that denounces the Shein company for plagiarizing one of its designs and offering it at a price that denigrates the work of Yucatecan artisans.

On social networks, that the brand makes a comparison of the garment they sell and the one offered by the online shopping platform.

“It is a lack of respect and recognition of the artisans who are dedicated to this work and live from their arts & crafts

In this particular case, we are talking about embroidery.

These types of actioins make the craftsmanship devalued and many people continue to buy from that platform without knowing the real origin of many of the designs they sell. It is a great violation of intellectual property and above all of culture,” Yucachulas denounces.

They explained that the model that Shein offers on its platform is a plagiarism of a personalized design that they made in 2017 in collaboration with Mexico in colors.