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Why You Should Convert Documents To PDFs?

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We are witnessing digital transformation happening in all aspects of our lives. The technology evolved right in front of our eyes and in the past two decades, major strides have been made in the field of technology. As technology has become an important part of our lives, digital documents are becoming more and more common.

There is a huge variety of digital file formats available but most of them aren’t popular and aren’t used by people all over the world. Out of various digital documents file formats available, formats like PDF, Word, and Excel are the most popular. PDF is the most popular of all the digital file formats and we will be discussing today some of the benefits of converting documents to PDF:

File Format Stays The Same

By converting documents to PDF file format, you can rest assured that the formatting of the document will remain as it is. If you work with Word documents and move it across devices then you would find that the formatting of the document is all messed up, however, with PDF you don’t have to worry about the formatting being messed up by opening the document on any device.

No matter which device or platform you use to open a PDF document, the format of the document stays the same and all the elements including text, text formatting, hyperlinks, and images remain the same, the way you created them the first time. You just need to convert Word to PDF and then you can rest assured about the formatting of the document.

Compatible Across All Devices

Any document in PDF file format works across all devices. Whether you are opening a PDF document on a mobile phone, laptop, tablet, or computer, you don’t have to worry about the compatibility of PDF documents with different devices. You can open PDF documents at any time, anywhere on any device without having to worry about the compatibility of PDF documents with different devices. 

Save Hard Drive Space

Large image files and documents that contain a lot of text, images, and other content can take up a lot of space. And if you are working in an office where you have to deal with such documents and images on a daily basis then these all can take a lot of hard drive space, not to mention that these large-sized images and documents take a lot of time to share.

By converting these documents and images to PDF, you can save a lot of hard drive space as PDF takes less space than other documents. Still, if the file size is a lot then PDF files can be compressed without compromising the quality of the documents in order to save hard drive space. Along with all of this, PDFs can be converted back to other documents such as PDF to Word, Excel, or PPT in no time.

Save Time And Money

If you have physical copies of documents then you can scan those documents and convert them into PDFs to save time and money. Printer paper, ink, and other related products are expensive. By converting these physical documents into digital documents, you are saving time as digital documents can be shared immediately over the internet and also money as you don’t have to buy printers, printer paper, ink, or other related products, and use mail services.

Protect Your Sensitive Documents

If you have sensitive and private information in your documents that you don’t want to fall into wrong hands then you can convert your documents into PDF. PDF documents make it easy to protect private and sensitive information as PDFs can be secured by using a secure encryption protocol or using a simple password to lock the documents. Without the password, the document isn’t accessible and this prevents your sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands.

Standardize Your Documents

Last but not least, by converting your documents to PDF, you are standardizing your documents. PDF is the most popular file format that is used by businesses, schools, colleges, and universities all over the world. From a high school assignment to outlines of an upcoming business project to reports from a doctor’s office, PDF is used everywhere and by converting your files to PDF, you are ensuring that everyone will be able to view and work with your documents without having any kind of problem.

Converting documents into PDF is easy. You can take help of a program like Adobe Acrobat to help you with the conversion or you can use online services from websites like GetLua that provide free PDF conversion services.

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