Why are tourists attracted to the “Coca-Cola” logo when they visit Yucatan?

Photo: Yucatan al Momento

When they visit Mexico and the Yucatan Peninsula, a large number of travelers feel a unique attraction to certain things that are simply not interesting to most Mexicans.

(YAM).- Visitors from the United States or other countries often take photos where they appear with the Coca-Cola logo in the background when they visit Yucatan.

Photo: Yucatan al Momento

For some reason, the walls and doors with the “Coca-Cola” logo, worn and peeling paint, attract tourists. Foreigners believe that these sites are an excellent spot for their Instagram or Facebook photos.

For most tourists, these settings represent an atmosphere of the true essence of a Mexican town or city, where tranquility, peace, and calm rule.

Apparently, these Coca-Cola logos catch the foreigners’ attention because they hardly find this type of grocery store in the United States and Europe, or maybe it is simply the magic that is found in the state of Yucatan and its towns.

The Yucatan Times



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