“Up in Smoke” strong winds bring Cannabis cloud to Colombian city

Photo: Quinto Poder

In Antioquia, Colombia, a supposedly controlled burning of marijuana that was confiscated by the local authorities got out of control and caused an entire town to end up inhaling the fumes due to the strong winds.

(Quinto Poder).- The burning, which was supposed to eliminate a ton and a half of cannabis, was carried out in the vicinity of the Pedro Nel Ospina Battalion, and although no hospitalizations were reported, many neighbors breathed in the smoke from the plant, according to local newspaper Quinto Poder.

“There was a horrible cloud of smoke coming from the battalion grounds, from Pedro Nel Ospina, and a tremendous smell of marijuana that troubled everyone,” said Edilberto Castaño, a resident of Antioquía.

At first, the residents of this Colombian city pointed out the presence of a huge cloud of smoke that was interpreted by the inhabitants of Antioquía as a forest fire, but, when the strong smell reached the city, they realized that it was a marijuana burning organized by the Colombian police.

“Although the authorities sought to burn tons of marijuana to prevent it from being sold among the community, due to the action of the wind, the entire town ended up inhaling cannabis smoke,” Castaño said.

Locals said they were concerned about the inhalation of this psychoactive smoke by children.

However, a resident of Antioquia declared that some people actually enjoyed the authorities’ accident and asked for more fumes.

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