Universal Nature Festival 2022: harmonizing the people of Playa del Carmen

Photo: YAM

The Universal Nature Festival 2022 allowed its attendees to enjoy a unique, spiritual, gastronomic, and artistic event in Quintana Roo.

The expectations of the first Universal Nature Festival 2022 were exceeded by far with the arrival of one thousand citizens who enjoyed the gastronomic and artistic event to the fullest, where they also sang and danced to ask for peace in Quintana Roo, after the minute of silence carried out by representatives of the Avalon Family.

Photo: YAM

The co-founder of the Avalon Family, Juan Manuel Espinosa Albarrán, expressed that with healing music and harmonization, many people connect with themselves and these meetings are cathartic “I don’t think anyone left the event without doing or receiving something beautiful “, he pointed out.

In one of the corners of La Ceiba Park, the musicians of the Playa del Carmen Symphony Orchestra gathered under the shade of the trees, and played music to harmonize the chakras, so the people who attended the ceremony could feel at peace with nature.