Three ATMs of the “Va y Ven” new public transport route were vandalized in Mérida

In just 10 days, three intelligent ATMs of the “Va y Ven” transportation system have been vandalized in the west and east of Mérida, without the authorities reporting to date if there are detainees in relation to these events.

Despite the fact that this is a crime and that hundreds of people who day after day have to get cards or recharge them to use the new bus route are affected, the municipal authorities have not yet detained anybody in relation to these facts.

On Friday, June 22, users of the “Va y Ven” bus route reported that the screen of the smart ATM located under the Mérida Peripheral Ring bridge, at the exit to Mulchechén, Kanasín, had been vandalized.

However, there were already two previous cases. The first of them occurred on Wednesday, June 13, at the ATM that is on the Periferico, at the exit of Juan Pablo II, Calle 41, and the second, on Tuesday, July 19, at the ATM under the bridge at the exit from Fidel Velázquez avenue to the Periferico.

In all three cases, the attack focused on the ATM screen, which was destroyed by some object, perhaps a brick or a rock.

Although the three cases have been disseminated through social networks, and have gone viral due to the impact they represent on users of this urban transport system, so far the authorities have not given any statement in this regard.

Much less is known if this series of attacks have been reported, possibly ruling out that there is an ongoing investigation.

The Yucatan Times