Thirty seven cases of suicide registered in Chetumal so far this year


In Chetumal, at least 37 cases have been registered so far in 2022, the most recent occurred yesterday morning, in which a woman, the mother of a child, hanged herself in the Del Bosque neighborhood.

CHETUMAL, QUINTANA ROO.- In the opinion of the specialist, psicologist Brenda Quintero Souza, suicide is a major public health problem and there are several factors that influence those who commit this act, such as suffering from a mental disorder.

She explained that in the case of depression, a process has taken place in which the person has experienced a certain configuration of the brain where their perception of reality is modified, which prompts them to make that decision.

She pointed out that the consumption and abuse of toxic substances (alcohol and drugs) have also been pointed out for decades by various authors as a factor in committing suicide.

The latest case occurred on Thursday, JUy 28th, in which a 30-year-old woman ended her life by way of hanging.

The woman left son that now her relatives are taking care of.

The incident occurred at a home on Calle Ciricote between Francisco J. Mujica and Heriberto Frías, where the body of the woman was located by firefighters.

In the investigation of the authorities it was determined that she had emotional problems that probably caused her to commit suicide.