The First Edition of the Torta de Kibi Fair was a huge success

With great success, the First Edition of the Torta de Kibi Fair was held in the Callejón del Amor, located in the heart of the port, and which was part of the activities that the City Council headed by Julián Zacarías Curi organized within the framework of the celebrations of the 151 Anniversary of Progreso.

From the early morning hours, numerous people gathered to wait for the first mayor to cut the ribbon and thus access the tasting of this popular dish in the town.

The Kibi is a dish considered Lebanese, which became traditional in the State of Yucatan, and for more than two decades, in Progreso particularly, it was transformed by placing it between two pieces of bread, and later began to be filled with elements such as Dutch cheese ( or ball-cheese, as it is known in Yucatan), minced meat, potato and chorizo, ham and cheese, among many other combinations, and thus creating the famous “Torta de Kibi“.

Progreso mayor Julián Zacarías Curi thanked the visitors for their presence at this first fair and expressed his surprise at the demand of those who wanted to try the “Torta de Kibi” for breakfast, as it is used in the port of Progreso.

The Yucatan Times