The body of an infant was found in an empty lot in Oxkutxcab, Yucatan

The FGE Yucatan conducts investigations after the discovery of the body of a baby in Oxkutzcab, Yucatan.

(SSP).- A man discovered a box in a vacant lot in the municipality of Oxkutzcab, where the human remains of a baby were found inside.

The discovery occurred on Sunday, July 10, around noon when a man found a gray coffin with a body inside, for which he immediately notified the authorities.

The Oxkutzcab Municipal Police cordoned off the area awaiting the arrival of personnel from the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) to carry out the corresponding investigations.

So far it is unknown who left the human remains abandoned in a vacant lot and if they were taken from the municipal cemetery.

The FGE Yucatan is carrying out the investigations to locate the person responsible for the incident, so it is expected that after the tests conducted by the Forensic Medical Service (Semefo) there will be more information on the case.

The Yucatan Times
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