The beach of Progreso received eight thousand visitors on Sunday, July 17th

Sunday, July 17th was a favorable day for a large number of businesses in the port of Progreso.

Local tourism took advantage of the good social, weather, and economic conditions, as a large influx of visitors was recorded in the port of Progreso.

With an attendance of more than eight thousand visitors on the boardwalk, Sunday was a favorable day for a large number of businesses located in the vicinity of the main tourist site of the municipality, who left positive profits throughout the day.

From very early on, tourists began their arrival at the port aboard public transport units or private cars, making the center of the municipality and the boardwalk area a difficult place to navigate due to the enormous concentration of vehicles and people.

The beach was guarded by personnel from the Navy, Red Cross, and municipal and state police, who were attentive to the safety of beachgoers, in order to avoid illegal acts in the surroundings, as well as situations that could put visitors at risk while entering the water, especially after consuming alcoholic beverages.

The tourists began their leave around 6:00 p.m., however, a large number waited for the sun to go down to leave the place and give way to tourism from the beach houses, who occupied the beach and international boardwalk for the active nightlife of Progreso, which has been diversifying in recent months.

TYT Newsroom