President of the Federation of Fishing Cooperative Societies rules out the presence of red tide

The president of the Federation of Fishing Cooperative Societies of the Western Center of the State, José Luis Carrillo Galáz declared that there is no need to cause fear among local fishermen in the presence of a spot in the northwest of the Yucatecan coast, ruling out that it could be the red tide .

He said that we must wait for the results of the National Commission for Protection against Sanitary Risks, which took a sample of the stain that moves near the coasts of Río Lagartos and San Felipe to confirm if it is a red tide or another phenomenon that does not put the fishing activities at risk.

He insisted that from a personal point of view, that stain on the northwest of the Yucatecan coast was caused by waste that flows from the estuary into the sea, creating a phenomenon that could in no way be toxic to sea species.

El presidente de la Federación de Sociedades Cooperativas Pesqueras del Centro Poniente del Estado, José Luis Carrillo Galaz (Photo: Contrapunto)

José Luis Carrillo Galáz stressed that the red tide would have an economic impact on the social and industrial sector, since the octopus, lobster, grouper, species of scales and dogfish flee from toxic stains, fishing activities would be suspended, there would be a shortage of fish and shellfish in the local market and it would significantly impact the summer vacation period in the local ports, and would also damage the sales at the restaurateurs that sell fried fish, cocktails and other foods from the sea.

Finally, Carrillo Galáz asserted that they are two weeks away from starting the main fishery in Yucatan, which is the octopus, for which he trusts that the spot detected to the northwest of the Yucatecan coast is not a red tide and that this phenomenon will soon disappear for good.

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