Playa del Carmen firefighters rescue dog from a house on fire

Photo: YAM

A small dog got trapped in the back of a house set up as a laundry in the Villas del Sol subdivision in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, where firefighters arrived to put out a fire.

A small dog was rescued by agents of the Quintana Roo Fire Department after a fire broke out in a house that has a laundry business in the Villas del Sol subdivision of Playa del Carmen.

This happened this Thursday morning, on CTM avenue with Gorriones of the aforementioned housing complex, and where a call to the 911 emergency number alerted of the fire that was coming out of a local, and that mobilized the ‘smoke swallowers’ who are based in that same area.

Apparently, it was a short circuit that caused the fire, since all the washing machines were working at the same time, as well as other electric appliances inside the house.

The spark caused the flames to ignite and a 10-thousand-liter water tanker was necessary to control the fire; the puppy was in the backyard and the firefighters used a box to be able to get him out of the place alive.

When one of the firefighters left with the pet, he received recognition from all those present, for risking his life for this pet, which only had slight burns on its hind legs, for which it was taken to the Municipal Animal Welfare Center (Cebiam) for medical attention.

After controlling the fire, the area was cordoned off for Civil Protection to verify that there was no longer any danger, although the business may not be able to operate again, as the electric installation was not enough for that many washing machines and dryers.

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