One man injured with a gunshot in the south of Merida


An argument between neighbors ended up in a fight and the final result was one person hospitalized with gunshot wounds, and civilians threatening the police.

Merida, Yucatán (July 12th, 2022).- A subject threatened a family with a machete in the area known as Santa Cruz, a “Colonia” on the south side of Mérida.

This neighborhood dispute got rough to the point of a subject threatening the family that lives next to his property with a machete.

Residents called the police, and when they were arresting the suspect, a third individual tried to stop the police officers from detaining him, and the result was one injured with a gunshot when he tried to prevent the police from arresting the aggressor.

According to unofficial information, most of those involved in the brawl were under the influence of alcohol, and possibly other substances.

The events occurred during the evening of Tuesday, July 12th, in the Santa Cruz subdivision, in the south of Mérida.

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